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Stainless steel cold rolled sheets

Marcegaglia product range of stainless steel cold rolled sheets assorted for thickness, width, use and manufacturing standards.

Manufacturing standardProduct designation
EN 10088-2
(ASTM A240, A480)
Stainless steel flat products
for general purposes
EN 10088-4
(CE marking)
Stainless steel flat products
for construction purposes
EN 10028-7
(ASTM A240, A480)
(AD 2000 W2/W10)
Stainless steel flat products
for pressure purposes

Supply conditions

• Dimensional tolerances according to EN ISO 9445-2
  (and other equivalent international norms)

• Special tolerances upon request

• Control documents 2.2, 3.1, 3.2 according to EN 10204

• On request: 220/240/320 grit polishing, scotch brite
   brushing and protective film suitable for laser cutting

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  Stainless steel products manufactoring - stabilimento prodotti in acciaio inossidabile, Marcegaglia

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