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Testing and optional processing

Optional controls and processing for Marcegaglia product range of stainless steel welded tubes.

Standard and optional testing
Chemical composition
Micrographic analysis
Tensile test at room temperature or other temperature
Flattening test
Expansion test
Radial expansion test
Bending test
Electromagnetic test
Non destructive eddy current weld test
Dimensional test
Visual test
Surface roughness measurement
Salt spray test
Test for corrosive traces
Intergranular corrosion test
Potentiostatic corrosion test
Grain size measurement
Ferrite measurement
Burst test
Humidity test
Release of special certificates

Optional processing
Heat treatments
Outer surface brushing
Inner and outer surface polishing
Inner and outer surface mirror polishing
Tubes individually sleeved
Bead rolling or weld seam removing
Cut to length
Customer defined marking
Customer defined tolerances
Welding position (box sections)
Special packaging

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