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STAINLESS STEEL FLAT PRODUCTS hot and cold rolled coils and sheets

After first transformation, within its controlled value chain, Marcegaglia Specialties develops a huge range of the stainless steel flat products. The production program of Marcegaglia Specialties stainless steel hot-rolled and cold-rolled coils, strips, sheets covers a wide range of applications, guaranteeing specific suitability for subsequent processing.

Within its integrated strategy of expansion, Marcegaglia has added – within the Gazoldo degli Ippoliti plant – the manufacturing of stainless steel coils and sheets 1D and 2B finish to its range of austenitic and ferritic stainless steel products.

The fabrication process is carried out according to two main manufacturing standards: EN 10088-4 for structural, building and construction applications with CE marking and EN 10028-7 for all pressure purposes applications, certified TÜV AD 2000-W2 for pressure equipment and AD 2000-W10 for low temperature pressure equipment.

Marcegaglia stainless steel coils and plates typical application sectors include:

• building and construction

• food and beverage

• automotive

• mechanical applications

guaranteeing dedicated properties for each sector, as well as versatility and price optimization.

Beside the stainless steel coils, plates, strips and flat bars fabrication, the brand-new cut-to-length line in Gazoldo degli Ippoliti plant can work both hot rolled and cold rolled materials with optional polishing (220-240-320 grit), scotch brite brushing, and the possibility of protection with paper or laser film on each sheet.

The unique mix of service, high flexibility, quick response and stock availability of standard sizes make Marcegaglia the partner of choice for stainless flat steel supply.

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